We found out I was pregnant a month before the corona outburst, so I had spent the most of the pregnancy in the lockdown in Ljubljana, Slovenia, going out just for the walks at the nearest swamp area. While carrying a child, these every day walks were crucial to me. The swamp – wet, muddy, liquid – a metaphor for a womb.

This place was very dear to me already from the past and after staying in Paris for some years, I had returned to the swamp once again, back to the roots. In my previous series this was the core of the work, my search of a home. Traveling all around the globe to find this utopic place. In The Swamp series the home was found at last, at least for a while.

I gave birth a month and a half earlier - 17.7.2020 at 07:07am, the number of birth 2777.
Due to heavy bleeding the doctor decided for the caesarean section and saved the life of
Martin and me.