“Paris In And Out” is an explosion of worlds geographically distant which share a common note because they are perceived by the same person. Paris is the photographer’s port from which she leaves, to which she returns, always the same, never identical.

From personal moments the road leads to unknown situations. As in other of Kozinc's works, the author is questioning her search of home. The black and white photos in this series are portraits of her parents, fathers back and mothers neck. Another specific motive that is repeating in her projects are birds. They are the stamp with which she identifies through all the series. Birds represent the constant moving and searching which is the core of Kozinc's work.

Geographical coordinates indicate where the photo was taken.

Ljubljana, Wakkanai, Šmarje nad Jelšami, Yogyakarta, Paris, San Sebastian, Stari Bar, Gili Meno, Tokyo, Uzes, Bandung and Kyoto.